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Modality Solutions prides itself on being a cold chain engineering management resource for today’s biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. Be sure to check back frequently as we strive to make additional information available on a regular basis.

Our Downloads
A Cold Chain Process Validation Guide

Support your regulatory global requirements with Modality Solutions new Cold Chain Process Validation Guide. The guide addresses economic and regulatory pressures, accelerating costs, technology changes, and the need to constantly adapt your business model.
Drug Product Formulation Testing with Transport Simulation

Examines the effectiveness of simulated transport studies. This new study uses a holistic form of methodology testing the different hazards that arise in cold chain transport. In doing so, the “industry standards” of the following areas are questioned and tested.
What You Need To Know About Thermal Shipping Technologies
Examines the performance of five shipping technologies commonly used by specialty pharmacies to transport refrigerated specialty medicines against an industry accepted temperature profile standard.
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